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Main Features

Video Show of Model 2 and model 3's FunctionsxAlthough shape of model 2 and model 3 are different from model in the video (model 2 has LCD display), the functions are the similar.
Ecofresh O-Shape, V-Shape and U-shape Intelligent Toilet Seat 1. Common Features of All models
1). Instant heating fresh water, without water storage, Healthier than water storage heating way.
2). All models have full functions (Model 4 without dryer): hip wash, female wash, child wash, moving wash (massage), 4 gears water temperature adjustment, 4 gears drying temperature adjustment, 4 gears seat temperature adjustment, water pressure adjustment, nozzle position adjustment, night light, and so on.
3). All models we gift 1 filter
2. Difference:
1). Model 1 have choice of long size and short size, fits O-shape, V-shape and U-shape toilet bowl, Model 5 fits most of U-shape toilet bowl (Long and short size), Model 2, model 3, model 4 fit standard U-shape toilet bowl.
2). Model 4 has additional seat UV Bacteriostasis functions, before and after each use will automatically turn on the UV lamp to sterilize the seat ring. Only after the lid is closed, the ultraviolet sterilization function will be turned on, avoiding human body damage. It is more sanitary to use,,more suitable for public bathroom in home and office.
3) Model 5 is with smart light, when the bathroom becomes dark, night light of toiles seat will automatically turn on, when the bathroom becomes bright, the toilet seat's light will automatically turn off, This design is more humane. Thickness of model 5 almost is as same as ordinary toilet seat - only 9.1cm, Sitting is more comfortable.
4). Model 1, model 4 and model 5 are with single stainless steel nozzle. Model 2 and model 3 have choice of double stainless steel nozzles and double ABS nozzles.
5). Model 2, model 3 is with double nozzles (adding silver ion to sterilization) and LCD display, bubble washing (air and water mixture), ceramics rod heating, temperature is more stable and washing is more comfortable.
6), All models fit U-shape toilet, not only floor installed toilet, but also wall-mounted toilet. Model 1 also fits V-shape and O-Shape toilet.
7). model 1 shipped from China can customize language, can customize models with 110V and 220v-240v, and different plug. Pipe length can be extended, if you need, please contact us.
Common Features of all models
Model 1. with single nozzle1. Long and Short size
2. Fits O-shape, V-shape and U-shape toilet bowl
Updated remote control and functionsx White remote control of model 1, which is shipped from China is upated as shown on following, The pure icon design is simpler, more recognizable, easier to understand, and simpler to operate. "Strong wash" function is added, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and favor defection.
Model 2 and Model 3 DisplayAdvantage: 1. Standard size: 507mmx381mm.
2. Model 2 is with LCD display.
2. Dual nozzle can be disassembled to clean.
3. Water is mixed with air, washing with bubble water is more comfortable.
4. Water and seat, drying is heated by ceramics rod, which makes water and seat, drying temperature more stable and comfortable.1. Standard size.
5. Fits U-shape toilet bowl well.
6. It is available in our Russia warehouse, spain poland warehouse, US warehouse and will be available in france warehouse (with manuals in different language - English, Russian, french.....).
7. We have ourselves warehouse in Moscow of Russia and local workers, can provide you better before and after-sale service.
model 2 display
LCD display
Model 3 display
Common functions of model 2 and model 3
1. Double ABS nozzles can be removed to clean, we gift a pair of nozzles to replace. Double stainless steel nozzles can't be removed to clean.
2. Oxygen-rich SPA, is more comfortable than pure water wash.
Night light
Seat heating, 4 gears seat temperature adjustment
Updated remote controlx Model 2 is with new white remote control, a part of model 3 is with remote control with LCD display.
Model 5 display1). Thickness is similar as ordinary toilet seat - 9.1cm only, sitting is more comfortable.
2). With smart light, when bathroom is dark, light turns on automatically, when bathroom is bright, light turns off automatically, this design is convenient for users.
Real shot (model 2)
Accessories We gift one filter as shown on the below picture and a pair of ABS nozzles for replacement (just for double ABS nozzles model).
Please measure your toilet bowl carefully by pictures below and choose suitable shape and size of bidet. Note: If you don't know how to choose suitable model of smart toilet seat, please contact with us. Thanks!
Note: If you don't know how to choose suitable bidet, please contact with us.



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